LowEndSpirit test files and IPs

If you want to test your connectivity to the different LowEndSpirit locations, the following information will be useful.

Country State/City ISP 100MB file Test IPv4 Test IPv6
Netherlands Rotterdam i3D 100mb.bin mirror.i3d.net
United Kingdom Nottingham iomart 100mb.bin dc3.rapidswitch.com
Italy Milan Prometeus 100MB.test lg-milano.prometeus.net
United States Dallas, TX Query Foundry 100MB.test tx.lg.cloudshards.net
Japan Tokyo Choopa vultr.com.100MB.bin hnd-jp-ping.vultr.com
Australia Sydney Vibe Communications 100MB.test sydney-lg.ransomit.com.au
United States Los Angeles, CA QuadraNet 100mb.bin repos.lax-noc.com  2607:fcd0:100:8300:1::6d39
Germany Falkenstein Hetzner 100MB.bin speed.hetzner.de  2a01:4f8:191:80a1:1c9::6dac
United States Piscataway, NJ Choopa 100MBtest.bin speedtest.choopa.net
Canada Montreal OVH 100Mio.dat 2607:5300:60:5e6e::3c4:1d1c
USA Kansas City, MO Nocix 1000MB-TEST.img 2604:4300:a:21a::1
Bulgaria Sofia Telepoint DC 100MB.test 2a01:8740:1:fe00:3a64:d5ad:d9b8:001
France Reims Ikoula DC 100MB.test 2a00:c70:1:213:246:58:159:1
Norway Sandefjord TerraHost 100MB.test 2a03:94e0:1231:47:9c6d:fb7d:9fa2:1
United States Lenoir, NC Dacentec 100MB.test 2607:5600:8e:2d:9466:374f:d50f:1
Australia Sydney RansomIT 100MB.test 2406:d500:6:beef:003d:9847:4691:0001
Australia Perth RansomIT 100MB.test 2404:f780:8:beef:009c:b667:9b93:0001