Creating random passwords for your customers in WHMCS

If you are a provider, selling VPS for the general public this very simple but yet extremly effective WHMCS hack from Joe Dougherty  @ Securedragon (known as KuJoe on Lowendtalk and ZKuJoe on WHT) is recommended for all of you.

This hack doesn’t allow the end-user to select their VPS password but instead generates a random one for the user.

This does not only fix the problem with users choosing a too-simple password, but also the users that actually sets a password with certain special characters that would break SolusVM’s API and cause your VPS to be created without an IP assigned to it.

and find this:

and replace it with this:

for your convenience here is a link to a textfile with both lines.
(WordPress does have a problem pasting this code 🙂 )

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