Contest 2013 / 2014 – Results

The results are in !


Being the first try to hold a contest to attract readers to interact with this site and get new ideas for guides and tutorials to post here, the results was three submissions.

All contributions will be posted here on during the week.

First place was taken by Zander who wrote a nice piece about setting up a Skype bot on Ubuntu with fluxbox. Zander decided to pick the 1 GB Xen from

At second place we find Maarten, known as the Administrator of Maarten sent a tutorial on how to build your own plugin to Nagios in PHP. Price: 256mb Xen from Inception Hosting in NL.

Third place is a transparent Squid3 proxy script sent in from Mark. Using this automated script all you need to enter is the username and password. Mark decided to try the option and

Congratulations to the winners and hope that you put your winnings to good use!


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