UPDATE: Site News

Hello readers!

Some of you that are frequent readers might wonder what’s going on, why aren’t there any new guides being posted.

The answer is a combination of many unfortunate things happening at once. I will however give you some good news, LowEndGuide is about to have a change of looks for the summer.

The theme will change since I feel the blog setup with all posts added after each other might not be the best way to publish it. The “blog” will go away as such, it will be a part of the new theme.

Posts and pages will be divided into different categories, making it easier to have an overview off what’s here.

There will be some new sections with the new theme and I hope you all will like the changes that are about to happen.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or ideas that you might have or if you have a guide/tutorial that you want to be posted here @ lowendguide.com

Contact information can be found on the About page or you can send a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

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