About v-add-dns-domain
add dns domain
v-add-dns-domain USER DOMAIN IP [NS1] [NS2] [NS3] [NS4] [RESTART]

Parameters Parameters Description
USER User that will own the domain
DOMAIN Domain name
IP Used as default value to sub domains defined in the template
[NS1] [OPTIONAL] Name server 1 for this domain.
[NS2] [OPTIONAL] Name server 2 for this domain.
[NS3] [OPTIONAL] Name server 3 for this domain.
[NS4] [OPTIONAL] Name server 4 for this domain.
[RESTART] [OPTIONAL] Restart DNS server. Default value = "yes"



The function adds DNS zone for the supplied domain name with records defined in the template.

If the exp argument isn’t stated, the expiration date value will be set to next year.
The soa argument is responsible for the relevant record.

By default the first user’s NS server is used. TTL is set as common for the zone and for all of its records with a default value of 14400 seconds.

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