Useful debian command: Netselect-Apt

From all the different VPS providers I have tried I’ve most often only used the default mirrors that are installed when the VPS is provisioned which sometimes is not the closest one.

You can and update this to the  geographically closest by running netselect-apt.

Netselect-apt downloads the official Debian mirror lists and tests the access speeds to find out which one is closest to you. It will then create a brand new sources.list with the result for your /etc/apt/ directory.

Installation is easy:

start it by running:

wait while the different mirrors are tested. When it’s finished, you will end up with a sources.list in the directory where you executed the command in.

Move it to your /etc/apt/directory by executing:

and then run

Now, you would have the closest Debian mirror setup which would give the best download speeds.

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