Transparent Proxy Browsing with Squid3

3rd place in the Teach something, Win something contest  goes to Mark Mearns for his SQUID installation script.
Mark took 3rd place because of the simplicity he created with this script which will make a great addition in the script collection together with this pptp setup script.
I have made a small addition at the end of this post with simple instructions on how I installed the proxy and instructions on what settings to change in Internet Explorer to use the proxy you created with this script. I have also written down the command to add more users after it has been installed.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Mark that he sent in with this script.

Installing Squid proxy server on a VPS is pretty straightforward. However, it is detectable that you are using a proxy, and your actual IP address is forwarded also. This is no good for accessing IP-geolocation restricted content, such as Hulu outside the US. Therefore, you need a transparent or ‘elite’ proxy. Squid can do this, you just need the correct settings in your squid.conf settings file. This script will install a transparent Squid proxy on a Debian-based VPS without any need for PPP modules etc to be enabled.


Login as root to the server that you will install SQUID on and with our favorite text editor and some copy/paste technique we will create the executable script.

Paste the text in the code section above and save the file.

Make it executable with this command

Execute the script and follow the instructions. You will actually only need to enter a username and password that will protect the proxy from anonymous use.

The username and password is shown in clear-text when entering them, this is the only time they will be shown in clear-text so make sure no one is watching over your shoulder.

When everything is installed you will see the IP and username needed to connect to your proxy.



Adding the proxy settings to Internet Explorer

Open Internet Options and on the Connections tab, click the button LAN settingsIE-Squid_settings1

Fill in the IP address that you got when the script finished installing and port 3128 in the dialog box that opens.




Click OK all the way  until Internet Options are closed.

Open up Internet Explorer and enter your favorite URL and press enter. If everything is done correct you will be prompted with a login box where you enter your username and password that you set when installing Squid3 with the script. Clicking on the OK button afterwards will get you cruising the web using your Squid proxy server.






Adding another user and password

To add another user you can run this command on the server running your Squid proxy server.

Change username to the username you would like to add and password to the password you would like to use.



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